Albert Vinasco
Spiral Dynamics

Sometimes the mystery of life's meaning and purpose can carry one's curiosity down the proverbial rabbit hole. A journey that spirals through earth, the universe and most of all one's own mind, a seemingly endless labyrinth of myth, legend and truth unfold. AV's "Spiral Dynamics" explores this maze of transformation from lost to found and back again.

"Spiral Dynamics" was released November 1, 2008 and is now available at the following online stores: iTunes, Rhapsody, iLike, Napster, MusicNet, eMusic, Sony Connect, Groupie Tunes, Amazon MP3,, ShockHound and Amie Street.

1: Spiral Dynamics
2: Once Upon A Time
3: Kaleidescope Eyes
4: Fresh Air
5: Spiral Dynamics (short version)