Albert Vinasco

Conventionally, the "Crusades" is the name given to a series of expeditions directed from western Christendom to the Holy Land whose aim was to recover the Holy Places from their Islamic rulers. From the first Crusade in 1095 through the last led by Louis IX in 1281, numerous expeditions carried forth across Europe and into the Middle East and Egypt. Perhaps above all other nations, Spain is where Christianity was the crucible of nationhood as a collision of Christian and Islamic civilizations occurred and began centuries of conflict. The music on this CD reflects the emotional and spiritual state of a Spanish peasant who experiences the calling to rise and fight against men of another God.

Full of introspection, conviction, faith and pain, Albert Vinasco's portrayal of this time is deeply emotional, and equally full of joy.

"Crusades" was launched in 2003 in limited release. Today, you can hear 4 songs from this CD here on

1: On The Horizon
2: Conscience
3: A Call To Arms (new version)
4: A Call To Arms (original)
5: Returning Home