Albert Vinasco
Big Tall Doors

The next step in life, consciousness, personal trajectory and happiness are rarely known for certain. It's as though we step through Big Tall Doors whose entrance is by definition bigger than we feel we are. What awaits us on the other side is not known and yet to know ourselves, we must walk through.

"Big Tall Doors" was released November 1, 2008 and is now available at the following online stores: iTunes, Rhapsody, iLike, Napster, MusicNet, eMusic, Sony Connect, Groupie Tunes, Amazon MP3,, ShockHound and Amie Street.

1: Red Eye
2: IronOxide
3: Fear of Heights
4: Parade of Souls
5: Ho Down
6: Arrival to Auriga
7: The Tracker
8: Twisting Fates
9: Big Tall Doors
10: Epilogue