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Official website of Gabriel, a music collaboration between Albert Vinasco and Sally Elsey.

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Gabriel on Facebook

Albert Vinasco's collaboration with British singer/songwriter Sally Elsey. Sally and Albert combine their highly melodic approaches to create music that is both sweet and powerful. The result is Gabriel.

DNA on Facebook

Albert Vinasco's collaboration with guitarist and recording engineer, Dave Wohlman. If you like amazing blues-based guitar in a Classic Rock sound, then you will enjoy "DNA".

The Sand Men on Facebook

Albert Vinasco collaboration with Australian electronica singer/songwriter Alex Shay. If you're into Lo-fi electronic dance music, then check out The Sand Men's "Dance of Divine".

The Endtables on Myspace

The Endtables was the first band AV was in. He was 14 years old and played bass guitar. Their original EP is a sought after collectors item amongst Punk Rock die hard fans, enthusiasts, and collectors

The Uninvited

Encyclopaedia Metallum's description and cataloging of AV's first band, The Uninvited, wherein he played guitar, in 1985 and 1986. The Uninvited released a full length limited edition Vinyl LP in 1986 entitled "The Uninvited Systemwreck".

Noise Pollution

A recently released CD with a collection of original music from the Midwest's most well known punk scene, Louisville, Kentucky. On this CD are songs recorded by The Endtables in 1978. The Endtables was the first band AV played in.


Information regarding two late 1970's vinyl releases by Melusian, the second band AV played with. He played bass guitar.


Here you will find blog entries by Albert Vinasco A.K.A. adurig.


Everything you need to know about audio recording, studio equipment and much, much more.

Audio Pro Central

Advanced audio engineering information.

Equisalcubo (X to the 3rd Power) Band Site

An amazing modern and alternative hard rock band from Buenos Aires. A wonderful blend of techno-electro-rock-metal.

Studio Central Forum

The best music and audio production forum on the web!

2112 Band Site

One of my favorite progressive rock bands from Argentina. Inspired by Rush, these guys rock!


Everything you would ever want to buy for music and audio production.


Everything you would ever want to buy for music audio production.


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fmarxfilm explores film work by director/writer Frederick Marx,